About Us

As a young entrepreneur, I faced numerous challenges and learned some hard lessons along the way. However, one thing remained constant throughout our  journey: our unwavering focus on what truly matters. Right from the start, our goal was to create a unique and memorable experience for both our clients and staff. We strived to build a business that prioritized the impact we have on the people we work with and the environment.

We take immense pride in being the first salon in the area to partner with Davines Hair Care, an esteemed brand from Italy that shares our passion for sustainability. Their products are meticulously crafted to be eco-friendly, aligning perfectly with our values. Furthermore, we joined forces with Green Circle Salon, an organization committed to recycling every aspect of our salon’s waste.
Together, we have created a haven where beauty and care coexist harmoniously. We continue to innovate and evolve, always searching for ways to reduce our ecological footprint and enhance our customers’ experience. Our journey may have been challenging, but we are grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world while doing what we love.

Yetmir’s Approach

At our salon, we truly believe in creating a getaway, a little slice of happiness, for both our customers and staff. Step into our space, even if just for a few minutes or hours, and you’ll instantly feel a sense of escape from everyday problems. Our meticulous attention to design ensures that our salon evokes a certain feeling, leaving you uplifted and rejuvenated.


Beyond just focusing on education and staying up-to-date with the latest techniques in cuts and colors, we prioritize giving you a thorough consultation. We carefully consider your skin type, face shape, and lifestyle, offering personalized suggestions that will suit you best. And that’s not all—we go the extra mile to make your experience truly exceptional. Enjoy a complimentary scalp massage and peruse our beverage menu, all while being treated to outstanding customer service that reflects our deep passion for the craft. From the moment you step through our doors to the moment you leave, we strive to showcase our dedication to making you feel valued and cared for.

Work With Us

At Salon Yetmir, we are incredibly passionate about the artistry and craft of hairstyling, and we are always excited to welcome talented individuals who share our love for this industry. If you have a genuine passion for hair and a drive to provide exceptional service, we invite you to consider joining our team.


Do you offer a rewards program?
Yes, at our salon, we present our loyal customers with loyalty points as a token of our appreciation for their continued support. The next time you visit, kindly approach any of our skilled stylists who will be delighted to provide you with comprehensive information regarding this rewarding program.
What does your service entail?

All our services include a complimentary consultation, shampoo, relaxing scalp massage, and a stylish blow dry to complete your look

Is there a policy regarding cellphone usage in your establishment?
Feel free to use your phone or tablet, provided that the volume is kept low and it does not cause any disruption to fellow customers. However, we kindly request that you refrain from using your phone while we are providing the service for you, as this ensures our complete attention to your satisfaction.
Do you provide gift certificates?
Absolutely! You have the option to conveniently purchase them online or visit our salon to acquire them in person.
Is it permissible to bring my children along?
While our space is limited, we understand that there may be situations where it is necessary to have your children with you. Therefore, we do allow children to accompany you during your visit.
What should I do if I misplace my gift certificate?

We treat gift certificates as cash equivalents, and unfortunately, if you happen to misplace it, we will not be able to provide any compensation or replacement. Please ensure its safekeeping to avoid any inconvenience.

Become an Ambassador

Are you passionate about beauty, style, and community impact? Joining us as a brand ambassador for Salon Yetmir offers an exciting opportunity to align with our vision and make a positive difference in your local community.

Experience the Perfect Fusion of Uptown Glamour and Downtown Vitality at Salon Yetmir.


727 Gardiners Road, Kingston, ON, K7M3Y5

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