BeutifY Me 200 PLUS

Introducing “BeautifYMe,” an exceptional and unparalleled hair cut experience exclusively offered by Yetmir. For those seeking a transformation into a true movie star, this is the perfect hair cut for you. Our process begins with an in-depth consultation, carefully analyzing your face shape, hair texture, and scalp condition. To kickstart the indulgence, we provide a relaxing 20-minute scalp and herbal treatment, along with a blissful hand massage. 


With meticulous precision, each individual strand of hair is expertly cut, guaranteeing a hair cut that exceeds your expectations. To empower you with the ability to recreate the magic at home, we guide you through all the necessary products suited for your hair. Additionally, we blow dry and style your hair using a new brush that you get to take home as a gift. Finally, we conclude with a stunning finish, tailored to your desired look. As a special touch, we present you with a carefully curated surprise gift box to cherish and enjoy at home. 


Prepare to embark on a truly unique and extraordinary journey with “Beautify Me” and Yetmir, where you will not only look astonishing, but also feel like the star of your own movie.


Experience the Perfect Fusion of Uptown Glamour and Downtown Vitality at Salon Yetmir.


727 Gardiners Road, Kingston, ON, K7M3Y5

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